During our consultation call, I’ll learn more about you, your brand and what you want to accomplish. I’ll also answer in questions you may have before we get started in bring your vision to life. To make this a productive call, spend a little time thinking through what your goals are and how you envision success. Also, a little homework before we meet and after is to find a few sites that you like. We can walk through the elements and figure out how to incorporate them into your beautifully crafted site.

After this call, you can decide whether I’m the right person for the job. I’ll invoice you for the initial deposit and get started on the next step in the process.

Gearing Up

Once the deposit is paid, I will begin working on a couple of things. I’ll start laying out the flow of your site and how your customers will navigate from page to page in a manner that makes the most sense. It can vary based on the business objectives. Do you want scheduling to be the primary goal or is the latest blog post most important? It all depends. I’ll also look through templates from Squarespace and you’ll get to decide which has the elements you want to incorporate into your site.

During this time, I’ll need you to round up all your content which can include, but is not limited to:

  • High-res photos

  • Text

  • Product Information

  • Menu Items

  • Login Information for any sites needed for integration

Based on the project, I’ll provide you with a list of things to pull together.

Getting the ball rollin'

Here is when I take over and make magic happen! I’ll dive deep in pulling together your vision and send you a few previews to get your feedback to ensure I’m on the right track. Tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Tell me what you would like to see.

Once development is completed, I’ll give you a walk through and show you have everything works and transfer ownership over to you and set you on your way!

Go forth & set the world on Fire!

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